The UTEST Program

  • Supporting Startup companies based on technologies founded upon cutting edge research from the University of Toronto
  • 12 month program
  • Dedicated work space at the University of Toronto located in the heart of Toronto’s Discovery District
  • Intensive entrepreneurial education program provided by MaRS
  • Access to a large network of mentors, coaching and support
  • Access to top professional services experts, investors and tech entrepreneurs


  • UTEST will invest up to $150,000 in selected companies
    • The UTEST investment is in the form of a SAFE.
  • Access to follow-on investment of up to $500,000 through TIAP
  • Access to provincial and federal funding resources


Applications are open to companies with one or more founders affiliated with the University of Toronto, who are:

  • Current University of Toronto students
  • Current University of Toronto faculty members
  • Recent University of Toronto graduates (within two years)
  • The 2020 cohort will accept applications from UofT-affiliated hospitals. Please ensure an invention disclosure form has been submitted to your host institution’s technology transfer office

Investment Criteria

Over the course of the program, and on a competitive basis, the UTEST investment is eligible based on the following criteria:

  • Disruptive and protectable Intellectual Property
  • Research, technology and/or innovations created at the University of Toronto and disclosed to the Innovations and Partnerships Office as per the University of Toronto Inventions Policy