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21 HighWire publishers see increases in readership through recent partnership with TrendMD

Press Releases | HighWire HighWire Press, Inc., the leading technology platform and strategic partner to scholarly publishers and societies, announced today initial success of its partnership with TrendMD. The TrendMD content recommendation widget has delivered over 1.36 million additional article views to HighWire publishers, attracting over 272,000 new readers across 156 journals on the HighWire… Read more »

Ongoing Success for TrendMD! Graduates from YCombinator & Announces New Partnerships

TrendMD graduates from Ycombinator and announces new partnerships – MaRS Innovation It’s been a busy quarter for UTEST company TrendMD. Fresh off their participation in Ycombinator’s Winter 2016 cohort, which was covered in TechCrunch, the company has announced partnerships with HighWire and Integra. TrendMD, a Canadian start-up company, is a content recommendation engine for scholarly… Read more »

TrendMD: Effectively Navigating the Biomedical Research Landscape

TrendMD: Effectively Navigating the Biomedical Research Landscape New platform helps clinicians bridge the gap in translation of knowledge from bench to bedside. The advent of the digital revolution has contributed to the unprecedented wealth of scientific information currently produced in the biomedical field, providing avenues for the development of novel treatments, improved understanding of disease… Read more »

UTEST Company TrendMD pitches at YCombinator Winter 2016 Demo Day

Here are the 59 startups that demoed at Y Combinator Winter ’16 Demo Day 2 “Food, housing, healthcare, transportation. Life essentials made better and more affordable.” These are the types of startups that partner Paul Buchheit said were demoing today at Y Combinator’s Winter 2016 Demo Day 2. Yesterday, we covered the first 60 startups… Read more »

HighWire and TrendMD announce partnership – Research Information

HighWire and TrendMD announce partnership – Research Information HighWire, which hosts more than seven million articles in 3,500 publications, will enable publishers to integrate the TrendMD recommendation engine, which is aimed at increasing article awareness and readership by providing suggested articles personalised to individual readers’ interests and behaviour.

How to get accepted into the UTEST startup accelerator: drive and differentiation

Secrets to application success revealed through a day in the life of an entrepreneur Brianna Goldberg The Nvest team: Han Qiu, Jackie Yan, Fred Zhou (photos by Stephanie Lennox) Jackie Yan focuses on tweaking his PowerPoint slide deck despite the chaos unfolding around him. Near the entrance to the office space he shares with teams… Read more »

U of T student-entrepreneur cuts through scholarly information overload with Trend MD

Written by Jenny Hall Are you a researcher experiencing information overload as you try to keep up with research in your field? There’s a reason for that. Scholarly publishing isn’t immune to the information avalanche enabled by the digital revolution. In biomedicine alone, there are 5,000 new scholarly articles published every day, which can make… Read more »