Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics has world-leading expertise in machine learning, genome biology and precision medicine. We’re inventing a new generation of computational technologies that can tell us what will happen within a cell when DNA is altered by genetic variation, whether natural or therapeutic. Our clients and collaborators can use our unique system to prioritize, classify and interpret genetic variants based on how they change cellular processes. We can even link unknown variants to known variants, something that was not previously possible. Because our system models fundamental aspects of molecular biology, it can be used for any variant and any disease.



Ten years ago, we set out to build a computer system that mimics how cells read DNA and generate life. This led to breakthroughs in genomic medicine that we didn’t even know were possible when we started. Today, we’re developing machine learning technologies to transform precision medicine, genetic testing, diagnostics and the development of therapies.


Team Members

Brendan Frey
President and CEO

Andrew Delong
Science and Technology

Hui Yuan Xiong
Science and Technology

Hannes Bretschneider

Daniele Merico
Molecular Diagnostics

Troy Simpson

Alice Gao
Engineering and Science

Khalid Zuberi