Hammock Therapeutics

Hammock Therapeutics is commercialising a novel biomaterial developed by the Shoichet Laboratory at University of Toronto.  Molly Shoichet’s laboratory has developed HAMC, a platform technology that can be used to increase the length of time a drug is effective. HAMC is a reversible and fast gelling physical blend of hyaluronan (HA) and methyl cellulose (MC) that liquefies under shear force and re-gels immediately on extrusion – HAMC can be injected from a syringe into small spaces and gels at body temperature. Using pain medication formulated in HAMC we are investigating the reduction of pain after both general surgery and back surgery.


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2016 Till & McCulloch Award * Dr. Shoichet is awarded the 2016 Till & McCullloch Award. The award recognizes both Dr. Shoichet’s contributions to global stem cell research, and her 2015 paper on the use of hydrogels for stem cell transplantation as the most impactful stem cell research publication authored in Canada in the past year.

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Mike Cooke

Molly Shoichet