PhenoTips is a medical technology and clinical software company that develops clinical software tools for collecting and analyzing phenotypic information for patients with genetic disorders and cancers. Their solution allows for efficient recording of patient data in a standardized format, which facilitates automated searches of annotated genes and disease databases (differential diagnosis), enables effortless querying and sharing of anonymized patient data by users and provides a user-friendly interface with advanced features that reduces clinician’s workload and seamlessly integrates into clinical work flow. PhenoTips  provides support contracts and custom development for their software. Data organization when it comes to patient care is critical, especially in rare diseases when certain symptoms or features of a disease might not be seen on a regular basis. In the age of “big data” and electronic health records, PhenoTips is striving to make personalized medicine more effective for patients and their doctors.


Imagine an Electronic Health Record designed for Genetics.

Team Members

Michael Brudno

Marta Girdea

Sergiu Dumitriu
Chief Software Architect

Pawel Buczkowicz
Chief Medical Affairs Officer, VP Business Development