Restore-Cognition Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that develops novel drugs to prevent and treat delirium and neurocognitive dysfunction after general anesthesia and surgery.


Dr. Beverly Orser | Department of Anesthesia

Beverley Orser, MD, PhD, FRCPC: Principal Investigator Dianshi Wang, MD, PhD:Senior Research Associate Gang Lei, MD, MSc: Research Associate Junhui Wang, MD, PhD: Research Associate Shelly Au, PhD: Research Coordinator Sinziana Avramescu, MD, PhD, FRCPC: Research Fellow Steven Kemp, PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow Fariya Mostafa, BSc: Master Student Kirusanthy Kaneshwaran, BSc: Master Student Nathan Chan: Summer Student


Team Members

Beverley Orser

Dianshi Wang

Arsene Pinguelo