The aim of this project is to develop an online platform for military personnel and veterans to provide peer support for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and to prevent suicide. Veterans health organizations are now complementing conventional clinical treatments with scheduled, in person peer-support sessions. At the same time, grassroots organizations have shown that there are benefits to online forms of peer-support, such as temporal and spatial ease of access during a mental health crisis. Existing social networking platforms are not designed for peer support or crisis counselling, however, nor are they designed to meet the specific needs of veterans with PTSD. Our platform will be built around best practices of peer support along with familiar military protocols of mutual accountability—such as daily roll calls, the formation of small and intimate units, and buddy checks—to help veterans with PTSD build trust-based, recovery-oriented online communities.

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Safehouse App – You are not alone.

AND OUR BETA LAUNCH Stay in quick, easy contact with the people you care about Based on the Facebook group Send Up The Count which encourages veterans to keep in touch and support each other, Safehouse is a peer support app that lets you: set up a networks of friends

Team Members

Susan Sim

Curtis Forbes
VP Strategy