Structura Biotechnology Inc.

Structura Biotechnology Inc. develops machine-learning algorithms that discover protein structures to enable rational drug design. Rational drug design relies on information about the 3D structure of a target protein in order to identify the likely function(s) of the protein and the corresponding ideal drug candidate(s). Structura Biotechnology Inc.’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms are bundled into our CryoSPARC software and are applied to reconstruct the 3D structure of target proteins from millions of 2D microscope images obtained using electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM). Our technology is orders of magnitude faster and most robust than existing cryo-EM reconstruction methods.

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Structura Biotechnology Inc. is a software company that builds advanced high-performance algorithms using modern machine learning to push forward the state of the art in 3D atomic structure discovery of proteins, complexes, viruses, and other biomolecules.


Team Members

Ali Punjani
Co-Founder and Director

Marcus Brubaker
Co-founder and Director

David Fleet

John Rubinstein