TrendMD— With over 2,000 new publications added across 33,000 journals daily, it has become impossible for readers (e.g., physicians, scientists, etc.) to discover relevant academic content. Similarly for researchers, it’s equally as difficult to get their content discovered and cited.

TrendMD Inc. ( is the first and only academic content marketing platform that solves this problem for both readers and researchers. We have created a widget that is free for academic publishers to place on their websites and is designed to help publishers keep readers on their websites by giving them a tool to surface related, trending content that they’ve published in the past.

The widget’s sponsored content function also provides a way for publishers to generate revenue from content (shared CPC model). Academic content producers (e.g., researchers, pharmaceutical companies, small publishers, etc.) use TrendMD to drive traffic to their peer-reviewed content so their work can get the attention it deserves, recommending it alongside other articles on top publishing sites.

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