Want to simplify your mobile typing?   Whirlscape has created novel algorithms that help to turn even the most imprecise letter entry into the intended word using a new text input method for mobile touchscreen devices. Their first mobile app,  Minuum Keyboard, is now available on Google Play.    www.whirlscape.com  


This revolutionary mobile technology transforms an individual’s hard-to-understand speech, whether due to an accent or speech disorder, to clear speech. Thotra’s cloud-based platform is available for individuals, speech therapists and language instructors, and can be embedded for enterprise use.   www.thotra.com


This online service uses annotated digital images (photos or digitally-created documents) to allow collaborating on digital or physical projects. Using Shotlst, users can version both physical and digital content while providing metrics and activity reporting. Shotlst is also designing an API service for annotation in its back end that will work across a range of 2D… Read more »

Granata Decision Systems

Granata’s decision-support technologies help businesses and consumers make complex, data-driven group decisions by gathering preferences and evaluating decisions to maximize value to relevant stakeholders. Their patent-pending algorithms and API support efficient reasoning about groups and require minimal preference information, easing the demands on participants, driving participation, and providing better results. Their API will be widely available… Read more »


Crowdmark is a scalable educational assessment system that creates an efficient labour market for exam marking through their proprietary technology. Marker feedback systems and adaptive marking interfaces ensure rapid, accurate and pedagogically rich assessments of student work.  www.crowdmark.com


CoursePeer— a smart, elegant and social learning and assessment platform — empowers schools and organizations to enhance education and training through a suite of web-based and mobile tools.Through its patented assessment engine, CoursePeer allows organizations to build their education and training experiences around detailed outcomes and goals and provides its users a platform to organically… Read more »