TrendMD— With over 2,000 new publications added across 33,000 journals daily, it has become impossible for readers (e.g., physicians, scientists, etc.) to discover relevant academic content. Similarly for researchers, it’s equally as difficult to get their content discovered and cited. TrendMD Inc. ( is the first and only academic content marketing platform that solves this problem… Read more »

Treata Smart Solutions, Inc.

Treata Smart Solutions, Inc.— Mild cognitive impairment affects as many as 20 per cent of older adults, and the problem is growing — every eight seconds, another Baby Boomer turns 65. Caring for a loved one with memory loss can cause frustration, distress, and real economic loss for caregivers. Lost wages cost caregivers approximately $75 million… Read more »

Root 2 Crown Inc.

Root2Crown, Inc. is developing hardware and software solutions to make it easier to conduct and communicate required dental risk assessment processes while increasing the efficiency, reliability and availability of dental health assessment and diagnosis for dental schools, practices and the general public.

E-Twenty Development Inc.

E-Twenty Development, Inc.— Poor wayfinding by patients, visitors and staff costs the average hospital several hundred thousand dollars each year. E-Twenty has developed a patent-pending indoor wayfinding and navigation system that requires no Wi-Fi, GPS, or additional infrastructure. Its flagship product,  Hospital Concierge, is a location-aware healthcare app for iOS and Android that enables efficient wayfinding… Read more »


eQOL, Inc.— eQOL’s first product, DiCAT, is a mobile-based solution for renal dialysis patients. DiCAT provides chronically ill patients with tools that enable them to care for themselves using home dialysis, which is especially important in remote areas. Using DiCAT, doctors can monitor their patients and intervene whenever necessary, especially during emergencies. DiCAT is unique… Read more »