ConferenceCloud is a virtual attendance platform designed for conferences to scale and monetize their events online. ConferenceCloud employs simple commission based pricing that allows organizers to generate new revenue, and gives end-users access to low cost digital global conference content, live and on demand. @confcloud

Appulse Power Inc.

Appulse Power Inc. Simplifying power sources for portable electronic devices Appulse Power Inc. is developing new technologies to introduce lightweight, compact, cool and universal ac-dc power supplies to consolidate all electronic device chargers into one unit. Currently, state-of-the-art power adapters are often bulky, expensive and/or hot-to-the-touch solutions that burden the user, the environment and diminish the portable… Read more »

Syncadian Inc.

Syncadian Inc.: Providing fatigue management solutions. Syncadian Inc.’s first product was a mobile app helping soldiers in the Canadian military to prevent jetlag. The company is continuing to develop software in the fatigue modelling and management space, exploring possible applications for shift workers, military personnel, cancer patients and others. Syncadian’s vision is to develop fatigue… Read more »


Nvest: Invest with confidence Nvest is a lighthouse to help investors decipher the flood of available stock recommendations. Our core motivation is to build a crowd-sourced stock recommendation platform where credibility of each recommendation is backed by the past performance of the advisor. Through us, advisors can gain exposure by consistently providing high quality advice… Read more »


flatfab: Re-imagining 3D printing flatfab’s software helps people design and fabricate 3D objects. Typically, users imagine in 3D but ideate and draw in 2D. That’s because while 3D printing in new-age materials is great for small, complex objects, it can be prohibitive in both time and money. flatfab seamlessly solves this challenge by marrying digital… Read more »

Onyx Motion

Onyx Motion: Putting a personal athletic coach right on your wrist Onyx Motion is building wearable digital coaches to help individuals play like experienced athletes. This technology uses smartwatches to show a user how they play—and how to improve—at the moment when they need it the most. It’s a digital coach that fits right in… Read more »