Blue J Legal

Blue J Legal is learning tax law under the tutelage of professors at the law school at the University of Toronto. Blue J is starting with important distinctions in the law, just as human law students do. The AI is beginning with the deep study of several fundamental and consequential issues: (1) the distinction between… Read more »


ConferenceCloud is a virtual attendance platform designed for conferences to scale and monetize their events online. ConferenceCloud employs simple commission based pricing that allows organizers to generate new revenue, and gives end-users access to low cost digital global conference content, live and on demand. @confcloud


Gene42 Inc. is a start-up medical technology and clinical software company that develops clinical software tools for collecting and analyzing phenotypic information for patients with genetic disorders and cancers. Their solution, PhenoTips, allows for efficient recording of patient data in a standardized format, which facilitates automated searches of annotated genes and disease databases (differential diagnosis),… Read more »


AmacaThera is commercialising a novel biomaterial developed by the Shoichet Laboratory at University of Toronto.  Molly Shoichet’s laboratory has developed HAMC, a platform technology that can be used to increase the length of time a drug is effective. HAMC is a reversible and fast gelling physical blend of hyaluronan (HA) and methyl cellulose (MC) that… Read more »

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics has world-leading expertise in machine learning, genome biology and precision medicine. We’re inventing a new generation of computational technologies that can tell us what will happen within a cell when DNA is altered by genetic variation, whether natural or therapeutic. Our clients and collaborators can use our unique system to prioritize, classify and… Read more »

Ardra Inc.

Ardra is a renewable chemicals company focused on producing specialty chemicals using renewable resources. Our first target chemical is 1,3-butanediol (1,3-BDO), which finds applications in cosmetics, polymers and pharmaceutical industry. Of the total market for 1,3-BDO, over 55% is used in cosmetics applications. Currently, 1,3-BDO is exclusively made from petroleum, and contains impurities that develop… Read more »