Crowd2Know operates in the area of stakeholder engagement. We bring organizations operating in urban development closer to their customers, citizens and end users by providing a platform for listening, analyzing, and effectively communicating with each other. We achieve this through a systematic process using a suite of software products and expert services that facilitate the… Read more »


CoHealth seeks to improve the quality of healthcare by providing patients with the necessary tools, information, and resources that they need to successfully traverse their own personal and individualized road to recovery. Our Patient Engagement Platform will be downloadable to patients in the form of a mobile app and provide patients with care-provider sanctioned instructions… Read more »

LegUp Acceleration Solutions

We make hardware design easier by allowing software design methodologies to be used for hardware design. When computations are done in hardware versus in software running on a regular computer, speed and energy efficiency can be drastically improved, often by orders of magnitude. However, designing hardware is challenging and error prone. Moreover, hardware design expertise… Read more »

Vida Home

Vida Home Inc. aims to create a user experience oriented next generation smart home platform that combines indoor location of smartphones and wearable devices with learning capability to deliver products that automates connected home according to user location and user preferences and habits. We are a software company that utilizes the most up to date… Read more »


We are producing a sensing system that helps users maintain an awareness of the amount of products remaining inside their containers. This system helps users understand when they need to repurchase items.