Swift Pad

A Health-tech company backed by IBM, their mission is to improve healthcare for Canadians. SwiftPad builds products that streamline the workflow and processes for pharmacies. Their software products are an end-to-end electronic prescription management system, a medication management tools for patients, and patient engagement tool for pharmacies to increase adherence and boost sales. SwiftPad –… Read more »

Lorica Systems

Lorica Systems offers the world’s highest performance platform for secure data analytics in the cloud. Their high-performance realizations of advanced cryptography, including Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), eliminates vulnerabilities throughout the data lifecycle, enabling private and secure computation and thus enterprise-scale secure cloud migration.   Lorica Systems | Secure Data Analytics | Faster. Stronger. Better. Lorica is… Read more »

Structura Biotechnology Inc.

Structura Biotechnology Inc. develops machine-learning algorithms that discover protein structures to enable rational drug design. Rational drug design relies on information about the 3D structure of a target protein in order to identify the likely function(s) of the protein and the corresponding ideal drug candidate(s). Structura Biotechnology Inc.’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms are bundled into our… Read more »


The aim of this project is to develop an online platform for military personnel and veterans to provide peer support for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and to prevent suicide. Veterans health organizations are now complementing conventional clinical treatments with scheduled, in person peer-support sessions. At the same time, grassroots organizations have shown that there… Read more »

Rheo Technologies

Rheo Biotechnologies Inc. is a new start-up company founded in 2015, located in Toronto, Canada, which manufactures plastic micro-devices for cell based research with a focus on dynamic mechanical cell stimulation. All their devices are fabricated and assembled in Canada, with the exception of imported off-the shelf components.All products are designed to provide accurate in… Read more »


Polumiros Inc. is an early-stage company founded based on innovative research at the University of Toronto, specializing in the development of novel immunomodulatory polymer technology. Polumiros Inc.’s primary focus is on the development of biocompatible amino acid-derived polymers in the form of medical device coatings, tissue regeneration scaffolds, and drug carriers that reduce biomedical implant-associated… Read more »


Mesosil develops long-term anti-infective dental materials for implant infection and recurrent caries prevention based on field-leading research in host-biomaterials interactions, infection, and self-assembling materials at the University of Toronto. The technology utilizes antibacterial-silica (glass) self-assembled materials that respond to the presence of pathogenic bacteria and prevent material biodegradation and infection without the use of prescription… Read more »


MEDeverywhere is a Health IT company that provides patients with end-to-end arrangements and connects patients the most effective treatments anywhere in the world. MEDeverywhere – Your Portal To Global Healthcare MEDeverywhere is your Portal To Global Healthcare. We provide 24/7 support to patients and ensure patients receive the best medical services anywhere in the world.

Hypercare Inc.

Hypercare is a mobile first communication & collaboration app meant for healthcare professionals within hospitals. Their primary goal is to alleviate many of the time wasting frustrations that healthcare professionals face daily including ineffective communication methods as well as difficulty with task management. twitter: @hypercareHQ http://www.hypercare.ca

Dymaxia Inc.

Developing clinically validated algorithm to relate heart rate to anxiety states in children with autism using wearable wristbands. Parents and therapist of children with autism are unable to objectively measure anxiety and rely on behavioral cues or asking children subjective questions such as “is your engine running?”. Dymaxia’s Anxiety Meter technology has been developed and… Read more »