We are a microfluidics company that has developed a method of targeting and lysing single cells in a complex background of other cells for –omics based analysis of the single cells. We are applying this technology to isolating fetal cells from PAP-smear samples to develop a minimal invasive prenatal genetic diagnostic test. www.digiomics.com

Dalriada Therapeutics

Our company develops novel therapeutics for treatment of proliferative diseases, with a focus on cancer and psoriasis. At the core of the company is a class of unique anti-proliferative compounds developed by a U of T faculty, Prof. Patrick Gunning, a world-renowned academic medicinal chemist. These compounds effectively exert therapeutic effect by blocking the activity… Read more »


Bright Angel combines the expertise of world-renowned mycology experts with Schrödinger’s cutting-edge computational technology to develop innovative therapeutics for the treatment of invasive fungal infections. This nascent company addresses a serious unmet medical need. Fungal infections result in more than 1.5 million deaths per year. Immunocompromised individuals are the most vulnerable, and ~90% of all… Read more »