Flute Mail

Email deliverability is a huge problem — up to 20% of business email never reaches your customer’s inbox. Flute has built an intelligent “email infrastructure router” that builds upon existing trusted providers, yet dramatically improves business email reliability, leading to better marketing, sales, and customer experiences.   https://www.flutesystems.com/


Addem Labs has created a proprietary film that allows for the creation of copper Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with nothing more than traditional unmodified printers. This self-contained film replaces multiple processes in the production chain of circuit boards. The film enables users to prototype hardware in a matter of minutes, opposed to the days or… Read more »

Pamban Energy Systems

Pamban Energy Systems technology company focused on improving efficiency of oil and gas production by applying real-time data analytics and automation to the subsurface. Using proprietary methods to continually interpret distributed sensor data, and optimize reservoir flow patterns for maximum recovery efficiency. Our technology can increase oil recovery by as much as 40%, while reducing… Read more »

Phenomic AI

Phenomic AI has developed state-of-the-art deep learning based algorithms for analyzing high content microscopy data. Our algorithms automatically adapt to the images being analyzed, relieving the current bottleneck of re-engineering existing analysis pipelines for each new experiment.   Home – Phenomic AI Sam Cooper, Phenomic AI co-founder, was recently featured in The Guardian discussing how… Read more »