2018 UTEST Application - Due May 25th, 2018 11:59PM

  • Use 150 words to describe your business opportunity
  • This is an opportunity to provide additional detail about the company, your stage and the investment opportunity for UTEST
  • Please provide username and password if necessary.
  • Production value is not important, the value proposition is
  • Explain how the company will make money.
  • Include key differentiators. Please include URLs where we can go to learn more about them.
  • Who are the founders, what are their roles, what is their experience
  • Please note that all UTEST teams must have the majority of the business owned by current UofT Faculty, students, recent graduates of the university
  • Please be aware that preference will be given to companies whose founders can engage with the program for it's full duration
  • Please describe the businesses current traction (if any) with customers, partners or other key stakeholders
  • Define key metrics and intended achievements that you expect to accomplish should you receive funding from the program