CoursePeer and the Western GTA Summit partner to amplify members’ and citizens’ collaboration and engagement

CoursePeer’s social collaboration intranet solution proved successful; Collaborative Intelligence and decision-making solution to launch next

TORONTO, August 13, 2014 /CoursePeer, Inc./ — After seven years of successfully holding the Western Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Summit—an annual meeting co-chaired by the mayors and business leaders of Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon and Oakville to discuss issues of significant importance to the Western GTA—the Summit’s task forces decided to further enhance their members’ means of collaboration and knowledge retention through the use of innovative technology.

CoursePeer (, a University of Toronto and MaRS Innovation start-up providing learning and collaboration solutions for enterprise and government, began a successful implementation at the Summit in January 2014.

“I find the program very intuitive, accommodating and simple to use. There is a bit of a fraternity building among the regular users,” said Peter VanSickle, Co-chair of Brampton and President of the Brampton Downtown Development Corporation.

CoursePeer’s platform allows users to collaboratively discuss the various topics within the task forces by allowing users to share various types of content including documents and multimedia material.

“The next step of this partnership is implementing CoursePeer’s Fluxision, our collaborative intelligence and decision-making solution launching in the upcoming months,” said Hadi Aladdin, Co-founder and CEO of CoursePeer.

The platform is soon to be offered for public citizen engagement with the Summit.

“CoursePeer holds promising impacts on the progress of governmental pronouncements,” said Brian Crombie, founder of the Western GTA Summit. “The new decision-making solution will support the Western GTA Summit’s goals of providing more means of citizen engagement that will empower the summit’s recommendations.”

About CoursePeer
CoursePeer is a provider of learning, collaboration and decision-making solutions for enterprise, government and academia. Corporations use CoursePeer’s cloud solutions to offer employee training, certification, intranet, long-term advanced performance assessment and powerful knowledge capture and analysis tools. For more information, please

About Western GTA Summit
The Western GTA Summit is a not-for-profit, community-led group that discusses key issues facing the over 1.4 million people living in the Western Greater Toronto Area. The Summit is built on three pillars of Live, Work and Thrive, and has representatives from Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton and Burlington.


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Hadi Aladdin
Co-founder and CEO
CoursePeer Inc.

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Western GTA Summit