Message from the founders:

When we started Dash MD, we wanted our company to have a unique name that had meaning and substance behind it. We wanted to be identified as Dash because dashes connect dots. Our mission, connecting the dots in healthcare, is something that we take to heart. To us, this means creating more meaningful ways to connect patients and care providers so that, to the best of our ability, we are able to improve patient understanding, improve access to care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes and wellness.

To date, we have helped tens of thousands of patients. Our small team has grown and is continuously growing every day as we expand our reach and form new partnerships across North America. While this growth has been exciting for all of us, it has also been the catalyst for pause and reflection.

As we expand on the value that we provide to patients and care providers, we have come to appreciate that there are a number of steps patients must take to ensure successful recovery. Some of these steps can be interpreted as being traditionally medical in nature; others can be oriented towards wellness, the circle of care, or access to support and services.

While Dash MD has been a name that so many of you have rallied around, as we have grown, we have come to appreciate that successful recovery and care management cannot be strictly confined to one continuum; it is something inherently multifaceted. Patient attitudes, patient experiences, and patient wellness are all operating together to form the portrait of a patient journey. The way in which we embrace this reality matters, and the way that we identify ourselves in relation to this reality is significant; our name communicates to the world whether we take a thorough and holistic approach to supporting patients.

While we are thankful for what we have built with your support and the reputation that Dash MD has built, it is time for us to evolve, together. It is time for the world to familiarize itself with “CoHealth”.

“CoHealth” better communicates the value that we place on patient and provider connections. It emphasizes this connection in more meaningful ways, and it demonstrates our commitment to healthy patient outcomes across the patient journey from hospital to home, from community to community, and from patient to patient, regardless of individual needs or circumstances.