ACTO, the Omnichannel Education and Engagement platform for life sciences, today announced its acquisition of UTEST company, CoHealth, a mobile application that provides trusted resources for patients and caregivers. The deal is ACTO’s second strategic acquisition since securing $11.5 million this summer, and brings a new division with direct-to-patient education capabilities to ACTO’s SaaS platform.

Founded in 2015 by Cory Blumenfeld and Zack Fisch Rothbart, CoHealth is a creation and delivery platform for health content. The platform enables healthcare organizations to share trusted clinical and medical resources via an easy-to-use mobile platform, providing patients and caregivers with a single point of reference for clear, factual healthcare information. CoHealth has partnered with 200 health organizations to deliver better care outcomes and supports more than 50,000 patients through their care journeys.

The integration of ACTO and CoHealth empowers life sciences companies to become an integral part of patients’ care journeys, providing a central command center to educate and engage millions of patients, caregivers and beyond. The combined solution elevates life sciences companies’ ability to deliver trustworthy clinical stories across the care continuum, meeting patients and caregivers wherever they are, and cementing relationships that endure beyond the moment when a pill is dispensed or a medical device is deployed. ACTO and CoHealth are transforming providers’ ability to promote drugs and devices, and equipping life sciences leaders to build positive brand impact and drive value for patients through omnichannel education.

“By joining the ACTO family, we are taking the next step toward our vision of connecting the dots in healthcare,” said CoHealth CEO Zack Fisch Rothbart, now an advisor with ACTO’s healthcare innovation team. “ACTO’s world-class platform in life sciences education and engagement, combined with CoHealth’s expertise and technology surrounding the delivery of trusted health content, will create a ‘single source of truth’ for patients to access the right information whenever and wherever they need it.”

“Life sciences companies need to go beyond leaving fliers in doctors’ offices, and step up to answer the call of duty during and beyond the pandemic. That means using cutting-edge technologies to forge digital connections with both physicians and patients,” said Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO. “With the integration of CoHealth’s patient-facing tools, ACTO further delivers on our promise of facilitating true omnichannel education and engagement for all stakeholders in the care continuum.”