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Hosted by Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)

See and hear from trailblazers in CleanTech, Agritech, Advanced Manufacturing and Construction, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles, Life Sciences, MedTech, AI, Investors and more!

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From business leaders to industry experts – here are the U of T-affiliated speakers to watch at DiscoveryX 2024.

Helen Kontozopoulos, Co-Founder & Chief Tech Evangelist, ODAIA Intelligence

Mehdi Masoumi, Co-Founder & CEO, Deaf AI

Dr. Shatha Qaqish-Clavering, Executive Director, Climate Positive Energy, University of Toronto

Dr. Kevin Smith, President & CEO, University Health Network

Patricia Thaine, Co-Founder & CEO, Private AI

Raquel Urtasun, Founder & CEO of Waabi

Christian Weedbrook, Founder & CEO, Xanadu Quantum Technologies

Andrew White, Co-Founder & CEO, CHAR Technologies

Chenny Xia, CEO, Gotcare

HOPE Pet Food

Genetics Adviser

SnapWrite AI


Blue Ocean Technologies

Spero Analytics

NerveX Neurotechnologies


HDAX Therapeutics

My Well Self


Silico Labs


Eye Buddy




Cove Neurosciences

LIVEN Proteins



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