Join us at this informal yet invaluable event designed to equip you with essential insights for navigating Silicon Valley. We are honored to host Joanne Fedeyko, CEO of Connection Silicon Valley and Founder of the Canadian Women’s Network. Joanne will share her knowledge, wisdom, and tips for those considering a journey to the Valley. This casual gathering includes a presentation and an opportunity for Q&A.

– When is the optimal time to establish a network in Silicon Valley?

– What are common and critical mistakes that Canadian companies make when pitching to Silicon Valley investors?

– What qualities and strategies impress Silicon Valley investors, and how do you effectively market to them?

– What conferences, programs, events, or other opportunities are available for Canadian startups planning a trip to the Valley?

– How can you maximize your experience during a 3-day visit to Silicon Valley?

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, inventors, and researchers interested in pitching to Silicon Valley to scale their businesses globally.