CoHealth is a personal health manager that helps patients more effectively manage and coordinate care and recovery. CoHealth seeks to improve the quality of healthcare by providing patients with the necessary tools, information, and resources that they need to successfully traverse their own personal and individualized road to recovery. Our Patient Engagement Platform will be downloadable to patients in the form of a mobile app and provide patients with care-provider sanctioned instructions and task management tools to ensure that patients practice proper at-home self-care post-hospital visit. The information on the platform changes from care-center to care-center ensuring that patients only see care instructions specific to the hospital they were discharged from. Currently, patients receive their discharge instructions either verbally or on paper. Verbal instructions can be forgotten, while paper instructions can be lost or misplaced. Patient comprehension is absolutely vital in ensuring patients perform the necessary self-care tasks that are needed for them to successfully recover. If patients have low health literacy and don’t practice proper self-care, unnecessary return visits to the care center or readmissions may result – the consequences being wasted time and money on the part of care-providers. Our goal is to improve the quality and reach of care while simultaneously reducing unnecessary return visits and trips to hospital emergency departments and acute care settings.