Dalriada Therapeutics

Our company develops novel therapeutics for treatment of proliferative diseases, with a focus on cancer and psoriasis. At the core of the company is a class of unique anti-proliferative compounds developed by a U of T faculty, Prof. Patrick Gunning, a world-renowned academic medicinal chemist. These compounds effectively exert therapeutic effect by blocking the activity of a protein, which is widely recognized by the medical community as a main driver of many cancers and psoriasis. Our company currently raises funds to conduct further preclinical and clinical development of these compounds for diseases that are both orphan (e.g. medulloblastoma) and widespread (e.g. psoriasis). With demonstrated therapeutic efficacy and exceptional pharmacological properties, these compounds are in their mid-late stage of pre-clinical drug development and have attracted significant interest from industrial investor groups. We expect to bring these compounds to clinical trials within two years and to the multi-billion dollar market within five years.