LegUp Computing Inc. (now owned by Microchip Technology)

We make hardware design easier by allowing software design methodologies to be used for hardware design. When computations are done in hardware versus in software running on a regular computer, speed and energy efficiency can be drastically improved, often by orders of magnitude. However, designing hardware is challenging and error prone. Moreover, hardware design expertise is rare, with software engineers outnumbering hardware engineers by 10-to-1. Our company provides a tool called LegUp, that accepts a software program as input, and automatically generates a custom hardware circuit that performs the same function as the software program. As such, our revolutionary product changes the way hardware design is done, making it easier for hardware engineers, as well as making benefits of hardware accessible to software engineers. High-Level Synthesis with LegUp LegUp is an open source high-level synthesis tool from the University of Toronto. Researchers can use LegUp to try new C to Verilog synthesis ideas.