Ardra Bio

Ardra is a renewable chemicals company focused on producing specialty chemicals using renewable resources. Our first target chemical is 1,3-butanediol (1,3-BDO), which finds applications in cosmetics, polymers and pharmaceutical industry. Of the total market for 1,3-BDO, over 55% is used in cosmetics applications. Currently, 1,3-BDO is exclusively made from petroleum, and contains impurities that develop odour on storage and are associated with skin irritation problems. Our patent-pending technology allows conversion of sugars into 1,3-BDO using a single-step fermentation process. 1,3-BDO produced using our technology is free from impurities causing odour and skin irritation. We deliver sustainable, petroleum-free, and high-purity 1,3-BDO, which can be used as a natural ingredient in cosmetic formulations.